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It's very simple

  • 1You take out SMARTRAPAT repatriation insurance for one or more beneficiaries living abroad or in Africa and pay your contribution in one go
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    In the event of death abroad, your insurance covers the administrative formalities for transport and the transport of the deceased to the place of burial in the country without advance payment. Two (2) return plane tickets from the place of residence of the deceased to the place of burial are made available to the next of kin to accompany the deceased.

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    If the death occurs in the country of origin (during a visit), your insurance covers the transport of the remains from the place of death to the place of burial, provided that this place is at least 100 km away from the place of death.


Transparent guarantees for your care


If death occurs in the country of origin (during a visit)
Transport of the body to the place of burial 100% of actual costs (Limit: 15.000€)
Coffin fee (included) Simplest model to allow transport
Accompanying the deceased 2 return tickets from the place of residence to the place of burial for 2 relatives (maximum €1,250 per ticket)
Early return in case of serious family problems (the insured is abroad and has to return to his or her country of residence due to the death of a relative) Return ticket - Economy class (Limit: 2.500€)
Administrative management allowing the transport Covered
If death occurs in the country of origin (during a visit)
Transport of the body to the place of burial (Excess of 100km from the place of death) 100% of actual costs (Limit: €3,300)


In order to prepare and finance the repatriation of a body in Africa in an honourable manner, we have opted for a simple tariff at a fair price

Individual rate Family rate
Maximum age: 70 years Up to 2 adults under 70 + 4 children under 18
30€ per person per insurance year 70€ per family per year of insurance
15€ per additional child
Transport of the body to the place of burial (Excess of 100km from the place of death)

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Diaspora Santé


Health insurance for relatives in Africa

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9,67 € HT/month

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Frequently asked Questions

Discover here the answers to your most frequently asked questions

  • Nothing could be easier. For all our insurances, everything can be done on our website or by phone: quote, contract, payment, electronic signature of the contract. Everything is quick and easy and can be done in a few minutes. No need to travel (we already have subscriptions from 15 countries: France, Germany, Canada, USA, etc.), so there are no mailing costs and no waiting for mail. You receive all your documents automatically by email..

  • In all our packages, the beneficiary receives a third-party health card with no advance payment of 80% of the costs. They therefore only pay 20% of all health care services: consultation, hospitalisation, pharmacy, analysis, dental, optical, ambulatory transport, etc. He/she can choose to be treated anywhere in the country thanks to our health care network (public hospitals, private clinics, pharmacies, etc., depending on the plan chosen).

    For example, if a person goes for a consultation with a general practitioner that costs about 10,000 CFA francs in a clinic, he only pays 2,000 CFA francs. The remaining 8,000 CFA francs are billed directly to us by the clinic via our local partner.

    Superior plans (Confort, Bien-Être et Sérénité) also allow for medical evacuation to France if the person cannot be treated locally (in this case 100% coverage).

    To get a free, no obligation quote in less than 5 minutes :

  • Our algorithm calculates the exact price of your health insurance and that of your beneficiaries in order to offer you the fairest price possible. The elements taken into account are notably the country or the age of the beneficiaries. We invite you to We therefore invite you to get a free, no-obligation quote to find out the exact budget. As an indication, the entry fee for a person under 21 years of age in the Liberté formula is €9.67 (excl. VAT) per month, in the Quiétude formula €12.64 (excl. VAT). Quiétude formula 12.64€ HT/month, in Essentiel formula 31.80€ HT/month. Not all packages are available in every country.

    To get a free, no obligation quote in less than 5 minutes

  • After signing your Diaspora Health insurance contract, your beneficiary automatically receives an SMS inviting him/her to meet our medical advisor. This visit is free of charge and allows to fill in the medical questionnaire sent and thus validate the contract. The medical advisor then gives the information to go and collect the third party payment card (only 15 minutes after the visit for Cameroon!). For the Ivory Coast, an identity photo will be necessary to launch the creation of the card.
    The beneficiary can now use the card for treatment !

  • We are a French company and it is therefore French law that applies when you subscribe online. You have 14 days to change your mind from the moment you sign the contract to retract. Only cancellation fees may be applied depending on the insurance product subscribed.

  • Diaspora Santé, specialist in health insurance in Africa, is part of the AFG group created by Mama Mfomegnam, himself part of the Cameroonian diaspora. French insurance brokerage company created in 2015, we are registered with the ORIAS and are therefore controlled by the ACPR Banque de France.
    The platform was created so that you can take out insurance for yourself or your loved ones in Africa, wherever you are in the world. Health is a fundamental human right, every person must have the possibility to subscribe to a health insurance. Our solutions have been designed so that the maximum number of people in Africa can have quick access to a quality health care network to be well cared for every day.

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